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Chelsea Rain Boots for Women — Everyone needs to have these boots in their wardrobe

by DRIPDROP Boots 07 May 2022 0 Comments

What is Chelsea?

Chelsea boots are short ankle booties with rounded toes and elastic sides. They do not have a zipper or lace and one of their main features are flexibility and stretchiness.
Chelsea are unique boots that can be matched almost with all casual clothes in the wardrobe. The most classic OOTD is Chelsea, tight blue jeans and a white shirt, this is an incredible look for every day.
Chelsea boots are made to put on easy because of a tab on the rear and elastic side panels.

womens chelsea rain boots

If you are looking for short waterproof boots, Dripdrop Boots range of women's Chelsea rain boots will please your taste.

Chelsea Boots by Dripdrop are:

  • Lightweight and waterproof,
  • Ideal for wearing everyday and weekend,
  • Have small heels for wearing all day long.

Choose your favorite color - classic black, casual green, soft white, milky brown or bright yellow - and enjoy your walk on rainy days.

Click here to find your perfect pair.

womens short waterproof boots

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