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How to choose rain boots size

by DRIPDROP Boots 21 Dec 2021 0 Comments

The task of fitting your foot perfectly in a pair of new boots can be difficult. We spoke with a footwear specialist Irina at DRIPDROP Boots Hangzhou office to compile a useful guide for anyone in search of the perfect rain boots.

Dripdrop boot-fitting specialists Irina


1) Measure both feet — You’ve got two feet, and they aren’t necessarily the same size. Exact measurements will help a fitter get you in the right size pair.

2) Remember the width — Length is the standard but be sure to also measure the width of your foot.

3) Know the measure of calf circumference and shape of your foot — Be careful if you buy wellies. You should know every inch of your legs and feet to choose perfect-fitting tall rain boots and check the brand size table before buying.

4) Ask the seller for exact sizes  — At the store, a trained boot-fitter is like a matchmaker of boots and feet. Lean on their expertise and possibly years of boot-fitting experience.

5) Measure your old boots — It will be very useful information about the previous boots' outsole measure and width to choose the right size for you now.

6) Be careful with subjective sizing — Certain brands and models will fit differently even if labeled the same size. Look at the brand size table before purchasing.

7) Looks come second — The boots should look good but don’t buy outdoors boots based heavily on aesthetics.

Rain boots and shoes Exhibition Office at our Hangzhou company

8) Reviews as advice — Online reviews are a great resource for shoppers. But footwear is very personal so don’t buy a boot that doesn’t fit right based only on positive reviews.

9) Choose rain boots a half size or one size larger than your usual shoe size — Rain boots are difficult to stretch on your own foot, so if you are in doubt about the size, it is better to choose a half or one size larger than usual.

10) Wear the boots with your own socks — The ones you’re going to hike in with the boots you’re going to buy. (And if you use after-market insoles or custom orthotics, bring them along, too.)

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