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How to Wear Rain Boots: 8 Outfits for Rainy Days - DRIPDROP Boots

by DRIPDROP Boots 13 Jan 2019 0 Comments

Some people consider that a rainy day and a stylish outfit and a gorgeous look is something fantastic match, an impossible mission. If you think that it's difficult to look nice in the wet weather too, special for you we prepared 8 outfits for rainy days with DRIPDROP Rain Boots. Let's get started!

How to wear rain boots with Jeans and Leggings?


Obviously, this is classic. White T-shirt, dark blue jeans, casual coat... It sounds like something boring, doesn't it? But only one detail and the outfit becomes stylish and interesting, is bright knee-high rain boots. Red wine color, I think, looks gorgeous here.






You also can match your big buckle rain boots with black leggings. Nice bra, beige cardigan and rock style shoes, and you look sexy.



How to wear rain boots with Skirts?

I am sure it will be a great experience if you try to wear your rain shoes with an adorable skirt. This look is so sweety and nicely.







What do you think about rain shoes with appliques? I think it looks so funny and fashion. Match your Circus rain ankle boots with a simple beige roll-neck sweater, bright red skirt, and black classic wool coat.


Gray draped sweater with a long plaid skirt is my favorite outfit. Add a pair of green knee-high rain boots, and you are ready to go when it is raining outside.


How to wear rain boots to Work?

You have a strictly dress-code in your company and don't know, how you match your classy clothes with rain boots, do you? This is not a problem for us! We have a good pair of ankle rain boots. I swear, no one can understand that these casual boots are waterproof. And your work mood will be safe on one rainy morning. 








How to wear rain boots with a Dress?

I believe in the force of romantic kiss in the rain, but can you imagine this scene when your feet soaked hopelessly? It's awful. However, we know one secret. You have to wear a bright pair of mid-calf rain boots and a nice dress with a light cardigan on a date, and it will be a magical evening.


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