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PVC or Rubber Rain Boots? - DRIPDROP Boots

by DRIPDROP Boots 18 Jan 2019 1 comment

When you choose a pair of rain boots, two different materials used for manufacturing can make you confused. PVC and Rubber boots look similar, but both of them have advantages and weaknesses and meet different requirements. Let me explain the differences between PVC and Rubber rain boots.


PVC is a plastic material (PVC is Polyvinyl chloride, to be precise). Plastic is very durable, more reliable in comparison with rubber, due to this PVC boots will last you much longer. This is a real treasure for the present time. Due to the peculiarities of manufacturing (PVC boots are formed as one piece), plastic boots are absolutely waterproof, much lighter than rubber ones, and, therefore, these boots are more suitable for a long walk.

Women's PVC Rain Boots Dripdrop

PVC material allows to make any design because of multi-colored socks inside, so every person can match waterproof shoes with any clothes in a wardrobe.



Rubber boots have a natural origin, these boots are made from sap gathered from rubber trees. Rubber boots are very capricious for changes in temperature and for the passage of time. Due to the nature of the rubber and the specific color, rubber boots were unattractive and unfashionable for a long time. Now this problem is solved by coloring rubber pieces and drawing pictures. Also, manufacturers make an unusual "multi-layered" design, welding rubber pieces with each other.

A lot of people also think that rubber boots are more comfortable to wear. Of course, this is a question of personal preferences.

The weakness of rubber boots is a leakage possibility. The rubber boots are made by hand – pieces of rubber fasten together, so if any of the rubber parts come off, a little hole may appear and water will get into the boot.

pink rubber boots by Dripdrop Boots

As for price, rubber boots usually more expensive than PVC boots because of the primary cost - making rubber boots is more complicated.


PVC is durable, lightweight, and more affordable than rubber. PVC boots can last more time.
Rubber is heavier, more flexible, and more expensive.
Both materials are waterproof but rubber rain boots can leak sometimes.


About DRIPDROP Boots

DRIPDROP is a brand of fashion waterproof footwear. Quality of items, comfort and satisfaction of our clients are crucial priorities for us. We produce a grand selection of rain boots for women and kids. Try our best-sellers - Clogs and Light-Up Rain Boots for Kids, Packable Boots and Chelsea Shoes for Women.

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21 Jun 2021 Rebecca

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