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Can you wear your rain boots in the snow?

by DRIPDROP Boots 05 Dec 2019 2 Comments

Are you not sure whether it's a good idea to wear rain boots when it's snowing? Or are you thinking of wearing rubber/plastic boots when it's 41°F outside? Do you need to buy snow/winter boots or not? Let's check it out!

rain boots and snow
Everyone asks himself every time, when the winter is coming – Can rain boots be worn in the snow. Our answer – yes, you can wear your rain boots when it’s snowing and the temperature not lower than 41°F (5°C). As usual rain boots have non-slip outsole with protection and you cannot slip on the snowy roads. But if we can wear rain boots in the snow, why we need snow boots? What’s the difference between snow boots and rain boots?

1. Material. Rain boots are made of PVC or rubber (you can learn more about the difference between two kinds of materials here) more flexible than snow boots, and foot can feel more comfortable in them. The list of materials that are used to make snow boots is longer, snow boots can be made of thick nylon, wool, leather, sometimes rubber (rubber can be a thin layer to keep feet warm). This is all about the upper materials, but rain boots differ from snow boots by lining too. The lining materials of rain boots are polyester and cotton. As for snow boots, the lining material is warmer, usually, such materials like fur or plush are used to produce these boots. If we take into account the difference between materials, then we can conclude that snow boots are heavier than rain boots.

2. The temperature to wear. It’s OK when you wear rain boots during the fall, but if you put on snow boots, your feet will be like in a hot oven. And if you put on rain boots when the temperature outside is -4°F (-20°C) and lower, your feet will cold very fast and you can catch a cold.

Snow boots are usually very warm because of fur lining and rubber shell, so they can be worn in in severe frosts, when the temperature drops to -22°F (-30°C).

3. Design. Snow boots sometimes look like the winter jacket for feet, they are more voluminous, larger and heavy than rain boots.


warm kids snow boots with rubber shell and fur lining


Rain boots are more elegant and can be matched with all the clothes in your wardrobe.


So, we can conclude that the differences between snow boots and rain boots are significant and we need rain boots and snow boots at different times of the year, but it will not be a big problem if you wear rain boots on a warm snowy day.


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19 Oct 2022 insulated work boots

oh my goodness to read this blog. helped me a lot choosing a right pair for me. insulated work boots

16 Mar 2021 D

I appreciate the post thought, but one does not get a cold from being cold. Colds are caused by viruses not weather.

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