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Summer Fun Bucket List - DRIPDROP Boots

by DRIPDROP Boots 23 Jun 2021 0 Comments

The temperature is high, the sun shines every day, the air outside is so sweet and fresh. Isn't summer the most wonderful season of the year? Summer vacation can be more bright with bucket lists created especially for our friends! Grab clogs and slippers, we have a lot of ideas to have fun in a backyard and outside!



picnic at the park

Make a picnic at the park
Take sandwiches, cheeses, something from a bakery and go to a park nearby for enjoying a great time on the grass.

play in a swimming pool

Play in a swimming pool
A wonderful time for playing in the water. If your kids cannot swim yet, right now it is an opportunity to teach them.


Enjoy a BBQ and homemade lemonade
Prepare some meat and vegetables (zucchini, bell peppers, and tomatoes) and mix your favorite syrup with sparkling water! Yummy!

ice cream

Make ice cream for the hottest days
And make competition for the best topping for it! Choose your way to make a taste of ice cream better.

water splash

Have fun in a water splash park
Every district has this one. This is so great way to refresh - just push the button and water will start to run!


Go fishing
The idea for spending time with fathers or grandfathers. A chance to learn more about the fauna of a local river!


Go to the beach
So classic for summer. Do not forget towels, SPF cream, clogs, or slides sandals for kids, and enjoy the sunlight and waves!

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