Customer reviews — Dripdrop Boots

We are very appreciative when we get feedback from our customers. Here you find some reviews about footwear for children and women by Dripdrop Boots.


Great value! These are a great alternative for expensive Crocs! I couldn’t stand to pay $30+ on a shoe that wouldn’t fit my daughter for more than one season (she’s 20 months currently), so these “frocs” as we call them in our house (fake crocs) at the price of $13 were perfect. They are easy to clean, easy to slip on, and are cute on her tiny little feet! Crocs (or frocs) on an adult: not so cute. Crocs on a toddler: adorable!  I do feel they run a tiny bit small, but for the price I can buy the next size up & not feel bad about it! Would definitely recommend.

Good for learning how to put on shoes. These are great shoes for the price. Didn't want to spend $30 on real Crocs for a baby and these worked out great. The actual shoes are holding up well after a few weeks of heavy use. The little cat charms broke as soon as they got here but I wasn't going to use them anyway since they would end up in my daughter's mouth. I also love that my daughter is using these to learn how to put her shoes on, they are pretty easy for a toddler to slide on by themselves. Hope they restock some of the styles soon because I'd definitely be interested in buying more.


Yes, go ahead. Buy this. Such quality slippers. I could tell right away as soon as I took it out of the package. Unlike another pair of slippers I bought for my son on amazon, this one has lasted more than a day. It's lasted a few months now and I know will continue to do so. What's great about this slipper is that the construction of the slipper is one piece and then the design part of the slipper is glued on. And of course, my son loves it.


Highly Recommended! I am very happy with the quality the color is great. Haven’t worn yet in snow but im pretty sure it will work because the sole is rubber made. I highly recommended this boots.


Fantastic Boots! These boots are great for the price! They are a great deal, actually! They fit well, are comfortable, and will be when it's cold and I have to wear heavy socks. They somehow made these boots perfectly! The bonus is that they are cute AND comfortable! I had to put an insole in them because I need a softer heel, but that's an easy fix. I'm 69 and my young friends think they're cute, too! I should also mention that the ankle is a close fit so things can't fall in while I'm gardening, and the sides have nice elastic so they're still comfortable. You can tuck your pants in or leave them out and the boots still look cute! I wear these for yard work but they would be just as nice if I wore them out to walk, or lunch, whatever. I should buy another pair right now. Kim afraid the price may go up. It's nice to buy something that does what it says and at a very reasonable price. Thank you!